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2015-2016 Winter Meetings have ended

Come join us at the field this summer to find out about our club.

The first fun-fly occurred on Wednesday May 25:
It was way too windy to fly on May 22.  We had approximately 6 pilots and all completed the events.  It was a very close competition, congratulations to the winners.

updated May 27, 2016

Fun Fly Volunteers
There are five fun flies this year – each fun fly requires a Contest Director (CD) and a Food Director (FD). The CD is responsible for running the event and keeping score. Two people can volunteer to split the CD job if that makes it more appealing. The FD is responsible for providing food and drink (plan for 15 people). The food can be grilled on the club grill or brought prepared (i.e. crock pot items). Neither job is hard and can be fun if you have the right attitude. During recent club meeting the following people volunteered for the listed  positions:

Fun Fly Dates:

22 May 2016
CD: Steve W / Steve K
FD: Dale H

26 June 2016
CD: Dale H

FD: Ed S

17 July 2016
CD: Ray C
FD: John F

14 August 2016
CD: Don K / Ed S
FD: Herb R

11 September 2016
CD: Dick N
FD: Steve K

Some Club Business:

Fun Fly Survey
The overwhelming response was to retain the current format (one event per month from May to September).

Indoor Meetings
Again the response was to retain the current monthly meetings to two.

Mid-Week Flying Night
The question that was asked was during the summer months should we select a night that most members try to fly. This is to insure that there is one night a week that if you go flying that
chances are there will be other people out there. This would be a good time to get some instruction (if needed), help with a troublesome airplane or just sit around and shoot the bull. There will not be any scheduled events or contests – it is strictly be go out, fly and have a good time. The answer was yes – we selected Tuesday night as the preferred night with Thursday being the alternate.

2016 Picnic
The 2016 Picnic has been set for 21 August 2016. Details are kinda sketchy right now. If you have any interest in helping out
(children games, adult games, etc) let Steve K. or Herb know.

2016 Banquet
The 2016 Banquet will be 29 October 2016 at the Coppertop.

updated May 11, 2016

2015 Banquet
The banquet was held on 24 October 2015 at the Coppertop Restaurant which is part of the Cherokee Golf Course complex. As always the food was good and the company was even better. We had approximately 35 people total. The entertainment was Miles Boozer (yep, that’s his real
name) – his wife had pre-recorded music and he sang and paid his guitar. He played songs from the 1950’s to present.

The highlight of the banquet is the announcing of the fun fly champions. This year Dave W made the trophies which featured a WWII fighter coming out of the trophy (i.e. flying). The top three flyers were:
1st Place: Dick N
2nd Place: Ray C
3rd Place: Dale H

updated Dec 4, 2015

Know Before You Fly
RC and potential drone operators may want to check out "Know Before You Fly" at:  The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), in partnership with the  Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, Academy of Model Aeronautics and the Small UAV Coalition, launched the website to educate the public about how to safely fly unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).

updated Aug 17, 2015

See the Valley City RC Club YouTube Channel for a quad copter video of our club field and club members flying.  Thanks to Curtis.

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